Poems on Love, Life and Other Things

This summer I started on a course of writing poetry on love, food, nature and a myriad of other subjects that move my spirit.

I'd be inspired by an Irish wedding or a family day trip to a distant eatery. I'd look at the clouds over the Rockies or the ducks swimming at the pond at our resort, and the words flowed in my mind. I would have a pad and pen handy to jot down thoughts and maybe words while the poem formed in the next minutes or hours.

On Rhyming

Personally I like poems that rhyme. I like their meter and the time tested-ness of the form. Take the following excerpts from Love's a Bloom and No Etouffee for a Crawfish

Patience is not a human trait that many hold
Awaiting love to fully flower is maddening
Would that I could skip to future, be so bold
You see, to never hold her heart is saddening


A wee crawfish lived in the bayou
He was tinier than the others
Life was good in the slimy goo
When the net caught his brothers

Love's a Bloom is actually a sonnet in the Shakespearean form of 14 lines with a rhyming couplet at the end. But there is no one meter that works for every poem I write. The right meter just presents itself at the time.

The Rhythm of Writing
I may 'pen' 5 in one day while sometimes a week will pass without even one new poem. Sometimes the language is modern; sometimes bygone phrases work; and sometimes I'll mix old and new.

Going Strong
Since this summer I've written about 200 poems, most of which are on this site, some are on my squidoo pages, and some are not yet published anywhere. These will be compiled into books for lovers' gifts on Valentine's Day or engagement gifts for blushing brides-to-be.

Till now I've written what moves me yet I am open to writing custom poems for gifting. I'll keep writing as long as the inspiration comes.

I hope you explore the poetry on this site and continue to appreciate the wonders of poetry on love, life and other things.


Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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