On The Verge of Empty Nesting

About the children leaving home

On the verge of empty nesting
How do parents cope
When their younguns fly the coop
How are we not to mope

Two daughters 6 years apart
Very dear they are to us
Tricky how things work out
We're not allowed to fuss

One lives close for a few years
Then moves a thousand miles away
The other may go away to school
A year to plan, but she may stay

We have a lot to do
A new business getting launched
And real estate investments
No, we won't be staunched

Thank god there are so many
Ways to stay in touch
No matter where we all reside
We love our girls very much

On the verge of empty nesting
Advice would do right now
How do we keep it together
How do we do it; how

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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