Our Daughter Works at Lucky's

About our daughter's job

Our daughter works at Lucky's
The independent grocer
It's nice to have her there
It's good to have her closer

They are an indie market
Not many around anymore
You can get great deals on produce
Mostly healthy food at this store

They have great seafood
And oh, the aroma of roast chicken
Well this ain't the South
But the food is finger lickin'

So much is the freshest
So much is tasted first
They're the neighborhood market
Joelle's very well versed

In all the produce codes
The scanner helps a lot
But the checker needs to know them
It puts her on the spot

What is a banana?
What are Belgian endives?
Organic bok choy?
She forgot, man alive

Thank goodness for the bar codes
They help an awful lot
For when the customer's patient
And when the customer's not

The staff is warm and friendly
She's made a lot of friends
But just wait till the scanner's off
For on that, a lot depends

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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