Tarte aux Poem

Inspired by Lila who is training to be a baker

A day at the bakery starts in the dark
Dough to knead and to bake for the morning
Croissants, chaussons and baguettes hit the mark
Be careful, hot oven, use mitts, heed the warning

Later bake breads for lunch and for dinner
Bake cakes and tarts and pies and boules
To much to choose from, I won't be a sinner
Just keep lifting the trays & follow the rules

Upon the shelves are sweet delicious treats
Bakeshop goodies fresh from the racks
Napoleons and ├ęclairs and patisserie sweets
I must take some home in brown paper sacks

During the Holidays, we have fancy delights
Special breads and cakes by tradition
White wedding cakes tiered to the heights
Never dull at the bakery, I love my position

The tarte aux pommes is a special French pie
With sliced apples on top, arranged by design
Different than the American; both good, no lie
Buy one today, please, you'll find it divine

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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