The Skies Above are Gray with Ash

About the Icelandic Volcano of April 2010

The skies above are gray with ash
As thousands of travelers are held below
Don't want the planes to clog and crash
A quieter world this does bestow

Volcano in Iceland caused the mess
But the global reach can't be denied
Might have been Etna under stress
And a spew from Italy gone worldwide

Vulnerable we are to nature's whims
Pray that blue returns to the sky above
Note, this is not from man-caused sins
Thus, prevention impossible thereof

I can't pronounce the volcano's name
But "What's in a name?", anyway
Missed weddings, funerals; a shame
Meetings, vacations; Not today

Millions told to stay inside
Wear a mask if you venture out
Hopefully folks have sense, abide
Come little one, please don't pout

We have worried of meteors
Of nuclear winter and ozone free
But look when One volcano roars
Imagine it were two or three

Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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