Half Empty Half Full

it all depends on how you look at things

I look at the flask of my life blood
Half empty or half full; which is it?
Just like anyone, I don't need the crud
I want the good times to pay a visit

Slammed with uncertainty again & again,
My optimism is tough to hold on to
And the question is always when?
When will the stars align? I've no clue

Half empty or half full; which way
Must I regard the Present of my life
As the fabric is gnawed every day
I need a future of Hope, not Strife

The struggling has been too long
And yes, some pain makes one stronger
But again and again, this is so wrong
It's hard to be positive any longer

I need to keep a positive angle
For sanity and for others than myself
Yet I'm mired in this earthly tangle
Of paying bills and stocking shelves

And making the too-little money last
Not fixing things that aren't emergent
We had hoped the bad times were passed
But alas, not yet, until the resurgence

We need a vacation from this morass
But can't afford to go; not yet; soon?
Unless we slide into another crevasse
Oh, to eye the ocean from the dunes

Half empty or half full? I like to think
That the good times must be ahead
Maybe we need to be at the very brink
Before fortune goes our way instead

Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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