The Spark of an Idea

On the path from idea to the masses

Aha he said when thought did come
To build a widget new and bold
Aha he said as he started to hum
I can make something new from old

A pinch of wisdom, a tincture of sense
Repurpose, embellish, soon to promote
Package it afresh and hurry it hence
All the competitors will be smote

A product, a process, starts the same
With the spark of an idea, a light is lit
To market with success is like a game
And then, to teach the naive bit by bit

In science or industry or medicine
The nascent idea will resonate, expand
Then, as tuning the strings of the violin
We tweak and finesse, with notes in hand

When all's done we hope many understand
That the great works, at their very heart
Before they improved the lot of man
With the spark of an idea, did meekly start

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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