Which Way Do I Go?

A poem about not giving in to gloominess

Which way do I go from here?
I'm at a crossroads and uncertain
Looking for solace, a future clear
I close the window, draw the curtain

The time for reading, music's gone
I want deeply to relish the world again
I no longer want to be so withdrawn
Maybe a prayer may work; a true amen

I take a seat and breathe slowly
Inhale and exhale to clear my head
The room is whisper silent, wholly
Maybe I should just curl up in bed


The slow oxygen has helped to clarify
What I must now do, where I must go
My hefty self burden I'll need to rarify
First, a whit of distance is apropos

I'll call in sick, take a few days off
Buy a last minute ticket someplace
An adventure! I'll drink of the trough
Doff the doldrums, gloominess erase

Perspective from afar often alters one's
Sense of being wrapped around the axle
I'll return refreshed, warmed by the sun
And to the moroseness, say farewell

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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