What Will This Uncertain Future Bring

On the Near Future

What will this uncertain future bring
It is so not fair, body and soul working
Will we make it or have to start over
I don't want to lose it all, be a rover

Generally work seven days, eat at home
I catch an hour & pen this poem
No fun, no excitement, no vacation
Sorry charities, I have no donation

We were lucky and borrowed to get here
Political currents pushing the end near
But now the banks are not even lending
Jobs scarce, our customers not spending

A bright outlook is great if it's real
Phony, inflated numbers have no appeal
Can't trust spin of any kind; have to be
Educated, read between the lines, See?

Cash in my pocket for coffee this week
Anything else must wait; sorry no boutique
Coins in the coin cup I'll eventually cash in
Maybe a movie, dinner out, a project begin

What will this uncertain future bring
Hope it's good;   Gotta get back to working


Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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