A Cactus Love Poem

The Beauty of the Desert Inspires Love

Let's stay at an inn in Tucson
We'll hike with strong boots on
In the great South West desert
We will, to simpler times revert

You and I lit by an Arizona sunset
Dining on prickly pear if we dare
Leaving the pool to run; wet
To our private desert oasis lair

The desert birds have found how
To live within the grand saguaro
To enter and make a nest, a home
For their return from gathering roam

Oh, they crane their arms to sky
Sentinels guarding the landscape sere
As a fork with many random tines
20 feet, perhaps, lofting in the air

Sharp are the thorns, dear; take care
Be mindful if your arms are bare
Yet I will hold you, safely, tight
And calm your silly cactus fright

When we return to whence we came
With memories of the cacti stay
Our love of each other'll be to blame
For loving the cactus' majesty

Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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