Give Me Some Space

About a young couple needing space to have a better relationship

I need some space though I love you
You need me to step away
I need to straighten the confusion
But I will be here to stay

>>One and one are two
>>Two divided, not really
>>One and one are two
>>See my point, See my point

I need to see some things through
Please give me a little breather
I'm not seeing anyone but you
Things will get much easier

I need to spend some hours
Going through some stuff I've got
You need to quell the showers
Of tears, 'cause helpful this is not

You'll see things will be better
When we have time apart
Why don't you write me a real letter
Like in the old days, from your heart

I need to see some pals
You should do the same
Have fun with the gals
Remember there's no blame

I need to see some things through
I'm not saying this is easy on you
But we are not over, see
Just a little space, for you and me

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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