Her Heartache (Averted)

A poem on the grief caused by jumping to a conclusion

There in the corner sat a lonely tissue box
It hadn't been opened, the wrapper intact
Not to worry; there'd be sufficient hard knocks
Something going awry in an understood pact

The girl thought she had a good thing going
But after the phone call, she was very distraught
Outside her window it had just begun snowing
Off came her shoes and the package just bought

What could she do? She was planning a dinner
Oh the anger started to seethe up within her
She sank onto the sofa; how could he do it?
He had a good thing going and then he blew it

Her nose sniffled and the tears welled within
(He was with a blond at a local café)
But, ha. He was spotted, to his full chagrin
Oh, she'd pull him apart like salt water taffy

So the tissue box, which was within reach
Was finally opened to stem the girl's grief
And she blew and she wiped as the tears fell
Oh boy, he'd better have a good story to tell

Should she allow him into her house?
The cad, the creep, the nogoodnik, the louse
She'd keep her cool when the guests arrived
She set dinner for twenty, she would survive

And he'd have tremendous explaining to do
I'm an understanding person; I'm not a shrew
Who was this lady? Who could she be
At the café today? It should have been me

So she got to the cooking, preparing and setting
The tissues were there for the onions she chopped
She kept herself busy, not thinking, just letting
The indignation recede; and the heartache stopped

The aromas were thick as the meal was readied
She'd be welcoming guests, she had to be steadied
So precisely at eight ten the front doorbell rang
The guests sauntered inside; the whole gang

And finally, last to arrive was the sneak
In tow was the blond, introduced as Nicole
Hi sweetie, he kissed, as Nicole oozed with chic
This is my cousin, please feed her, she's thin as a pole

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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