Close Your Eyes and Warm to the Dance

Feel the Heat of La Danza Latina

Close your eyes and warm to the dance
You'll immerse in a south-of-the-border trance
Do you smell the tropical breeze in the air
The ocean crashing, too, imagine if you dare

Let your feet and hands move to the beat
Slowly your body will start to feel the heat
Of musica latina from the sunny south
Yes, close your eyes and relax your mouth

Hips will sway as your feet pivot and spin
If you listen, you'll also hear the Caribbean
A slow meringue first and then a mambo
With the salsa, a fantástico latino combo

Chassé left, and put your left foot behind
Then chassé right with limber arms entwined
Double chainé turn, and a quick clap, clap
Back the other way and give your knee a slap

Now, kick it up, back arched, backward dip
If you're up to it, kick high, and pivot flip
For flourish glide your body, legs beneath
And finish with a red rose in your teeth


Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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