On Language


I'm not a language purist
I don't want to be a jurist
But when I see a word misspelled
I cringe as if to me it yelled

I know that mistakes do occur
For most folks grammar is a blur
But when I see a word misused
It's like the language is abused

Like nucular and 'then' for 'than'
Of bad English I am not a fan
So bear with me when I correct
'Alumium' or 'circunspect'

I'll never understand 'redouble'
That should get one into trouble
And 'ax' for 'ask' gives me a twinge
'I don't got no'  makes me cringe

Now, in poetry I do relax
My standards aren't to the max
For, we poets have a license
To err at will or make no sense


Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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