A Trip to the Zoo

About an especially enjoyable day at the zoo

We went to the zoo to see the lion
And the tiger was right next door
To steal the meat she was tryin'
She couldn't get it, she was sore

We had some time before the show
The pachyderms were outside
The elephant, hippo and rhino
Big beasts, named for their hide

The zoo had a show on that day
Some animals with trained behavior
We enjoyed it; it was in May
The respite to sit was a savior

Continuing to the land of apes
Monkeys, gorillas, orangutans
The zoo tries to match natural scapes
And these animals have many fans

All about, birds, on land and pond
Ducks, geese, peacocks and pigeon
Any food dropped, they would abscond
Even if it were just a smidgeon

It's odd how there was lots of flora
As if in an arboretum we were
The walk on the paths had an aura
Made it a more special day, we concur

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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