I'd Like to Opine

For Bill O'Reilly - The not-so-pithy-version

I'd like to opine poetically, Bill
Thanks for words like bloviate
And for the kids & troops, you will
Keep me as a fan, at any rate

For writing Culture Warrior, thanks
And Bold Fresh and earlier works
Free speech allows talk that is rank
But you don't mollycoddle the jerks

I admit, that pithy this poem is not
For there is an abundance to mention
I won't be vacuous or ramble a lot
You must see my good intention

You'll out the poltroon, who palters
And the sententious blatherskites
Who talk gibberish at their altars
And go gasconading day and night

My husband's a Long Island boy too
We're here in Boulder, Colorado
(We met years back at StonyBrook U)
Front line of the Culture War, no?

So continue, Bill, doing what you do
Keep up the work on Factor and elsewhere
We need your voice and wisdom, too
Keep looking out for us folks, we care

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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