In a Cottage on a Faraway Isle

Dreaming of an Island Cottage

In a cottage on a faraway isle
I dreamt a good dream; so real
I walked the beach, at least a mile
And heard the church bell peal

I walked a bit more on that shore
Picked up a shell and almost fell
I'm trying to remember more
Hopefully I get it right to tell

I went back to the kitchen there
And looked inside the water jug
A roll of hundreds made me stare
For I expected a large fat bug

There was so much moolah
I blinked; 'twas mine to spend
This deserved to shout hoorah
Oh I didn't want the dream to end

I took the bills and went to the realtor
And as it were, my cottage was listed
A perfect place that one might steal for
I was so in a hurry, my ankle twisted

Oh, but I was happy, felt no pain
I had the cash; could close that day
I smelled the sea, no chance of rain
I signed the docs and went away

The key I had; the cottage mine
I'd paint and plant and decorate
But first, why not a glass of wine?
Then I awoke, my clock said eight

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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