Marching Through Ellis

A poem to honor our grandparents and the other millions

'Twas long ago in New York Harbor
A small island was transformed
To intercept the tailor and barber
And sometimes keep them dormed

The dairywoman who knew to curd
The children with meager toys
They came without an English word
To look for life's intended joys

They left behind parents and friends
A village, a job, a country, a life
With glorious hope of better trends
To stave the tide of unending strife

There outside the window, Liberty
There too, Manhattan, city of wonder
Very soon, freedom, prosperity
Escape the pall that they've been under

What's your name? They were asked
The chroniclers had a difficult time
Changes were made, heritage masked
Sometimes little reason and no rhyme

Questioned and prodded and in a daze
They marched through the Great Hall
And with valises, through the maze
Up the long stairs, they could not fall

Millions allowed in, some sent back
Back on the great ships to Europe
Those who stayed, overcame their lack
And made a great America, of hope

Today Ellis stands as a great symbol
To our kindred who reached for a dream
Walk the halls and feel the heart pull
By stories from our American team

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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