Glenn Beck Has a Lot to Say

A poem about Glenn Beck's First Year at FoxNews

So Glenn Beck has had a year at Fox
And a lot of folks think he rocks
But he can come off as rather manic
When emotion holds; But, do not panic

For him the Constitution is the tome
That we should teach in our home
Along with the Bible, and Respect
Which many seem to now neglect

Glenn's a father 4 times over
His life has not been a bed of clover
His love for family is essential
His life's lessons; somber, experiential

Yet, he cares to Help Us right the course
And is a de facto rallying force
For those who love our Country fully
And won't let ourselves be bullied

He chalks up all the money squandered
By appointees who have wandered
Away from principles of our Founding
Yes, the detriment could be astounding

As laid down in the 9/12 project
For We the People to protect
We Americans are a Valued Folk
Make no mistake; this is no joke

So hearken to the voices of reason
Make this a robust election season
Term limit the congressional elves
When they term limit not themselves

Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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