I Was Once Like You

A poem on the idealism of youth

Welcome to my home
Well, I was once like you
Idealistic, hopeful, naïve
Save the planet, yes, I was like-minded too

Promoting all the causes
Cleaner water, solar, wind
Yeah I'm all for it, but
Reason, balance, thought, has got to step in

Before the money's squandered
Going to all the great endeavors
Without direct payback, squashing freedoms
Paying back the favors

Squashing freedoms? You ask
Well, when the gov knows best
Some rights are abandoned 
Doing the common good, at the public's behest

Gave up a local paper for
Another with a better creed
Switched from the Networks to Fox
Fair and balanced is what I need

Well, we pay our taxes
And our business pays the staff
And we hope that there is something left
And our equity isn't cut by half

Yes, I was once like you
Now, money is no object, borrow, borrow
Pay for Eden from what other people have
And then, there will be a different sorrow

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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