Let It Go

On when to take a stand

A little bird tells you
That is so ridiculous
But you know it's true
The idiots are at it again

Times like these
You need to blow off steam

When the stuff confounds
Your thinking
Take deep breaths
Take a walk
Or just find a safe sounding board
And let it out

Just this once
Then you need to let it go

When you read something
In the paper
And it makes no sense
You think
You should be the one entrusted
Making the decisions
But you have no time

You have a life and responsibility

But you need to vent
And then you need to let it go

But when it affects you
Or it affects your life
Your family, Your future
You need to take a stand

Too much at stake
You can't simply let it go

Take the anger and control it
Channel it to sway them
Get supporters on your side

Take a stand
Make a stand
Then, for a while, let it go

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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