Que Sera, Sarah?

What will Sarah Palin do next?

Sarah, it stinks that you've been targeted
About your personal life; your kids
The "comedy" goes too far and
The media comments, way beyond

But get used to it, Sarah, if you
Want to go further, 'cause it won't stop
This is life in a fishbowl
And the Palins are the fish

I'd like to see you run in 2012
Now you'll have time, not being Gov
To prepare for the run if you want
And you have supporters

We need a strong voice, who understands
Fiscal truth and won't spend like it's going
Out of style. The rest of us would like a
Rebate like the Alaskans got

And your family is a good family
With issues like the rest of us
And you and Todd will share parental
Duties, no matter in which office you sit

And you'll learn what you need
On Foreign affairs, with great advisors
Anyway, we all know a governor has more
Experience running a government than a senator

Hillary didn't make it to the number 1 or 2
So maybe it's up to you to be
That woman to represent us to the world
Que sera, Sarah?

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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