To Be Fair

A poem for CNN

To be fair, here's a poem for CNN
Your staff is made of good women and men
Watched Wolf Blitzer during Gulf War I
And Christiane's persuasive, accent uncommon

Yes, CNN predates MSNBC and FOX
And tries to hold its viewer on the TV box
But "the most trusted name" doesn't have it easy
They can't just sensationalize and be sleazy

Nancy the lawyer follows human interest cases
Sometimes opposite Greta V to touch all the bases
Lou, focusing on the costs of immigration
Alerts to lack of wisdom handling the situation

And, HLN is only Head Line News at night
'Cause all these shows are on when it's light
So, just watch the crawler if you care
To see what's happening everywhere

Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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