Her Feet on the Grass

About an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding was desired
By the bride and the groom, in June
Here is the story of what transpired
It started on that day at about noon

The chairs were arranged on the grass
With an aisle between, wide for two
And the bride who was a specific lass
Wanted petals of daisies there too

She wanted her feet to feel the grass
As she walked to be wedded to him
She'd put shoes on later, to not be crass
For dancing and dining with Jim

The moment came for her measured pace
To Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D
On her father's arm, glowing with grace
When out from the bushes… a bee

The bride was stung on both her feet
But the moment was so important
That she would not cry ouch in defeat
She arrived at the altar, just as was meant

They said their vows that they rehearsed
On these they were quite well versed
But she added this for the stinging bee
"Without you I'd have had no daisys"

They dined and danced till the moon rose
High over the place of the marriage
Then they were whisked away, so it goes
By a gleaming horse-drawn white carriage


Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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