I Have Something for You to See

An Engagement Poem

I have something for you to see
If you would like, I'll bend a knee
And hand to you a lovely gem
Upon your finger, place it then

This diamond sparkles as your eyes
I hope it's not a great surprise
We have been wrapped tightly round
And one with other always found

Now you can show about your stone
And all will know you're not alone
Today you are officially bespoken
With this shining ring as token

A marriage date can now be penned
Pretty invitations we can send
To all we know and all our kin
So we can share our love within

We'll set the day a year from now
To proper dance, we must learn how
You shall have your wedding dream
As rightly as this ring does gleam


Copyright 2010 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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