The Banquet is Set

When the Bride and Groom arrive at their Wedding Reception

The banquet is set with salmon, veal and escargot
Dollops of crème fraiche, bottles of Bordeaux
As lovely as the other appointments in the room
All to welcome the fete of the bride and groom

Serving staff in white await; the carver at his station
What a coups for guests to have received an invitation
Six hours of dining, dancing and toasting to come
Drinking too; whiskey, vodka, Bailey's and rum

The tables all bedecked in blue and ivory linen
Crystal trees as centerpieces prisming the light in
Grandma's heirloom china on polished silver charger
Swarovski wine goblets, and water glasses larger

A stage before the dance floor, is readied for the band
A full Dixieland Jazz orchestra is to be on hand
There's extra food and drink, the band will be well fed
So they can play into the night, without a dizzy head

Wait, the guests are arriving, and finding their tables
Place cards well thought with silver embossed labels
To be seated they must be before the couple enters
Before they can taste of canapés with caviar centers

All eyes to the entrance are drawn this silent moment
Bride and groom about to enter, applause to foment
Respectful clapping, by the gathered, as they are seated
At their place of honor, like a queen and king treated


Copyright 2009 - Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah)
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